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Managed private network to our data centers – fully monitored from point to point

Managed private cloud environment (IaaS)

Typically, an organization would purchase hardware and software, then house everything within their location. Once the equipment has been purchased, an IT firm would come in, assemble the equipment, and load the required software to begin the configuration/migration process. Upon completion, the organization must maintain that environment – either with in-house staff or an IT firm.

This cycle repeats every few years.

Does this sound all too familiar?

Our private cloud offering is unique. At CloudSphere, we know firsthand what it takes to provide service and security.

We are, what you might call, security and service fanatics. Each of our customers are provisioned their own private network and a dedicated IPSEC VPN tunnel — at no additional cost.

Your environment deployed within our secure and private location, which are then managed by us.

Focus on building your business.
Let us manage your IT environment.


We offer connectivity from your office to our Data Centre via multiple solutions – from a secure IPSEC tunnel at no charge, to a dedicated and fully managed link.

Your private cloud

Servers and desktops can exist within your own private cloud. A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can be used to host your Windows™ based desktops.
Anything is possible and our solutions are extremely flexible.
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